Damara Leather

Dr Clive Jackson-Moss Ph.D

Bred and raised in the harsh arid regions of Southern Africa, the Damara breed of sheep is ideally suited to these conditions. It is a sheep that carries very little fat in the skin or meat, but rather stores its fat in the tail. The low fat content of the skin and the superb fineness of the grain of the skin is the reason Damara sheepskins produce leather that is among the best quality in the world.

This statement is backed up by a study carried out by the International School of Tanning Technology and the Grootfontein Agricultural Development Institute. The study compared Damara leather with leather from nine other breeds of sheep, and it was found that Damara leather is superior to leather from the other breeds of sheep, especially as far as tensile and tear strength is concerned. These are important characteristics for leather that is used for garments as the leather is likely to last longer and not tear easily if accidentally caught on a sharp object.

As the purchaser of a leather product made from Damara leather you can be assured that you have purchased leather that is made from one of the best skin sources in the world.

Dr Clive Jackson-Moss Ph.D is the director of the International School of Tanning Technology. An organization whose core business activities are focused on the provision of world class training and consultancy to the leather industry.